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Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a condition that everybody will have to deal with sooner or later. The back is a complicated structure. It contains bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, discs, cartilage, nerves and more. There are many types of back pain and back pain can be sustained in many ways, such as, sport injuries or accidents, or even something seemingly more mundane such as poor posture, arthritis, obesity, or even just stress. Chiropractic can relieve many types of back pain and help to restore a normal range of motion. By keeping the spine aligned and in proper position back pain can be minimized and the body can function more efficiently. Chiropractors can also help by recommending exercises you can do to help with back pain as well as other tips to keep pain subdued.

Some of these tips to avoid back pain include:

  • Remain active.
  • Warm up or stretch before exercising or any other physical activity.
  • Avoid long stretches of inactivity.
  • Maintain good posture.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Low Back Pain alone affects nearly everyone at some point in time and up to 33% of the population at any given point. 

The combination of exercises, stretching and adjustments we utilize in our office are designed to help you feel  your best and teach you how you can maintain on your own.

Herniated Discs

If you have a herniated disc, you’re probably aware of how this works. Basically the soft cushion between the vertebrae has moved, creating nerve irritation and pain. Fortunately, though, not everyone who has a herniated disc suffers from pain. Patients that suffer pain from herniated discs often have their normal daily function disrupted. And this pain does not just occur at the disc, but can instead spread to different parts of the body. Pain in one part of the body could be the result of a herniated disc that you are unaware of. The chiropractors at Nokomis can help diagnose and treat herniated discs. And while this type of condition does not typically ever heal completely, chiropractic care can help relieve pain and lessen further damage to the area.


Subluxations are defined as a partial dislocation, or when the vertebrae have a minor misalignment. This can result in normal movement being disrupted, causing pain and inflammation in the area. When this occurs in the lower back – as is often the case – excruciating pain is typically the result. We have treated and relieved the pain of many patients suffering from subluxations. Give us a call and let’s see if we can get you moving a little better.

Back Pain from Stress

A build-up of stress in the body can affect how it functions. When your blood pressure and heart rates rise, stress hormones rush through your body. This tightens your muscles and causes soreness and pain at those points where they tighten. If you are stressed quite often, or have chronic stress, constant soreness and pain in these areas can take a toll on your body. The back typically stores a great deal of this chronic stress, and this can be relieved through a combination of chiropractic care, deep breathing, exercise, and other relaxation techniques, including massage. Contact us today to learn how to relieve your stress.

Back Strains and Sprains

Many people work in offices these days, and they often don’t get enough exercise during the week. Come the weekend, whether as a result of having fun or getting stuff done, back strains and sprains and spasms can often occur. Overusing muscles and ligaments, after having not done much during the week, brings many patients into our clinic. We can work on your back, be it lower, middle, or upper, and help to get you back to feeling better so you are ready for the next weekend. We just recommend that you stretch a bit next time so you don’t wind up back at our clinic so soon.

Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic is a great treatment option for many types of back pain. Chiropractors take the time to understand what is causing back pain and will give you treatment and advice on how to take care of the problem and keep it from returning. If you have back pain and are looking for a solution look no further than chiropractic treatment. Give us a call at 612-822-0149 and set up an appointment today.

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