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What makes Nokomis Chiropractic so unique.....why we get such great results?!!

     ...besides the Nokomis Purpose Statement: “Helping you express life to the fullest"

Three Unique Factors that make Nokomis Chiropractic stand out….why you should tell others about our office - 

1) Our Evaluation Process: We find the problem…..

We take the time to: listen to you and ask questions… Many times just by carefully listening to the patient and asking detailed questions….how the problem started, how frequent is the problem, does it radiate, what makes it better or worse… the doctor can start to formulate a pretty accurate picture as to what is going on.
That’s why your Initial Consultation is always One-on-One with Dr. Matt or Dr. O
By asking detailed questions, we even catch many of our patients’  “innocently lying” about their past history.
Not intentionally…but….many patients, when asked if they have had any injuries or accidents that caused the current problems…say “No”.
But…..when we dig deeper…. And ask “have you ever had a car accident …..even if you were not hurt but the car was damaged?”
Many of the patients will say…OH YEAH…there was that time when……I was 17…and we went off the road…and the car rolled over 4 times…and landed on the roof….BUT….since I walked away from it….I didn’t think that I was hurt. In fact…I had totally forgotten about it….do you think it has anything to do with my neck hurting now and why the X-rays show severe damage and degeneration to the neck? They had forgotten all about that….until we asked the right question.

X-rays: “The Big Difference maker”  that most other chiropractors don’t do
without x-rays………the doctor is “Just Guessing”… WE DON’T GUESS!
I can’t express enough how important X-rays are to:
  • Accurately diagnosis the problem
  • Determine if it is safe to adjust a patient
  • -several times a year…we find problems on x-rays that show they SHOULD NOT BE ADJUSTED
  • Assess the improvements with care
  • Set realistic expectation for treatment
  • …… plus many more


The bottom line is….if you wanted to expand and remodel your kitchen; you would never just start tearing down walls…..without having a structural engineer assess IF the wall can safely be taken out….And you would not start the project without a blueprint or plan. 

IF YOU WOULDN’T GUESS about your kitchen or house….Why risk guessing about your Health?
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