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What makes Nokomis Chiropractic so unique.....why we get such great results?!!

     ...besides the Nokomis Purpose Statement: “Helping you express life to the fullest"

Three Unique Factors that make Nokomis Chiropractic stand out….why you should tell others about our office - 

2) Treatment Approach: A unique blend of Chiropractic Adjustments and Rehab exercises.

We call it the “Best of both worlds”…Chiropractic and physical therapy aspects are combined to give you overall amazing and maintainable results.

  • Unique Adjustments….like the “BIG” adjustment and the Negative Z ….that you probably aren’t going to find anywhere else. Because Dr. Matt and Dr. Olson have spent the thousands of hours taking addition chiropractic training. They have taken the best of those unique techniques and implemented them into the Nokomis protocols. 
  • Rehab exercises and stretches ….that are “easy” and really work to provide “long-lasting sustainable results.

 The rehab exercises are essential for 3 reasons:

  • If there is chronic muscle tightness and adhesions…the tightness will keep pulling the vertebrae out of restored alignment.
  • If the core is weak… the adjustment and better postures won’t hold.
  • The exercises and stretches can be done between adjustments and can be done by you…at home…every day of your life… Just like brushing and flossing your teeth.
  • Care Plans that really work…. Most Chiropractors DO NOT see patients often enough or for long enough to get the results the patient wants and needs…. 

The “dark secret” in the profession is that many Chiropractors are only recommending a few visits once a week for a couple weeks to patients with chronic problems…..Why?

BECAUSE…… insurance companies will kick the chiropractor out of the insurance network if they see the patients more than 6-8 times in a 12 month period.……. But the same patient will get approved for 20-30 visits over a couple months time at the Physical Therapist office.

….. But the bottom line is that for most of the chronic problems that the typical patient comes to us for….it really does take months of regular visits to fix the problem once and for all…. It is true in Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and personal training.

It just takes time for the body to make changes and to heal.

At Nokomis… we will always recommend the care plan that we know is the best plan for our patients…. Regardless of the insurance…Our patients’ best interest always comes first.

(that is why we offer affordable and flexible payment options)

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