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quality_of_life1.pngThe most obvious and desirable benefit of a well mind is a better quality of life, which of course is determined
by each individual's model of the world. Our own viewpoint on reality, our own values and beliefs, will shape our definition of a great quality of life. A well person or family seeks to live consistently with their own definition of living well, so identifying the details of your desired outcomes makes it easier to tell when you're getting close.

So, think about what a happy, satisfying, fulfilling life would be like, and pay attention to how you would have to show up to have the best chance of creating that life for yourself. The more you act like the kind of person who would have the life you want, the more likely you'll do the things that kind of person would do, and that will lead to having those things in reality.

By noticing how you are already like this ideal version of you, and by recognizing where you need to focus your energy to build the resources you need, you can grow into an enhanced version of yourself, more capable and more attractive, which leads to a better quality of life, by your definition.

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