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First and foremost get checked out!

If you live in, or are insured under, a Minnesota policy you are usually covered under No-Fault benefits even if you carry just the bare minimum of coverage. You are covered as a driver, passenger, pedestrian or bicyclist, even if you yourself don't own a car, when you are injured in an auto related accident almost 100% of the time.

No-Fault means the care you receive will not make your rates go up. We can help you figure out the billing confusion. The care your vehicle receives may affect your rates depending on who is responsible (at fault) for the accident but not the care you personally receive.

For a complete breakdown of the MN No-Fault coverage please read MN statute 65B.

Even a minor accident can create lasting damage. You may not feel anything out of the ordinary at first or perhaps just some stiffness that you hope will go away.  Or you may have already been at the emergency room.  Either way the sooner you have a specialist in the spine such as a chiropractor check you out the better off you will be.  Don't be one of those people who regret letting a little inconvenience today turn into a major headache (literally and figuratively) down the road.

Call us today at 612-822-0149 to schedule your evaluation or send an e-mail to request an appointment.

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